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Lots of vivid dreams last night. I guess that's what happens when your body fnially gets to sleep enough.

1. There was a dude who was a werewolf, but somehow he'd got some kind of shot that made him even more super-strong, fast, etc. than other werewolves. There was a long chase with a dude that the werewolf had perceived to have hit on his girlfriend, and everyone knew he was going to slowly torture this guy to death if he caught him. No one could stop the werewolf though, he was too strong and too fast, Mostly everyone just tried to get out of his way. The pursued man rode a bike down a long steep hill allowing him to get some distance from the werewolf and jjumped into the bay, hoping to stop his scent from giving him away. There was a huge party going on. The werewolf caught up to him right in the middle of the party and was about to start clawing him up when someone realized that if they killed the guy who created the werewolf (believe it or not I had the image of a character sheet at this moment, dear god why) then they could save this victim. Then I woke up. The other weird thing was that the werewolf never went into wolf form for any of this.

2. I was sent off on a weekend retreat with a bunch of gals I know - koira, dharshai, and tzel who was supposed to be my roommate for this vacation. When we got there we realized there were all these weird rules and schedules and it looked more like a fenced in cult compound than a spa or anything like that. It was creepy and between activities we were trying to figure out how to leave. At some point I went home and discovered that a wooden planter that my mother bought for me had not been empty, but had been full of herbs which had grown out and killed the tiny tree I planted in it.

The wedding last night was gorgeous and a blast. It was at the Westminster Hall in Baltimore, site of Poe's grave. There was actually a conga line to Buster Poindexter's "Hot Hot Hot". I used to have that on 45! Hee. I got to see tons of people and had a good time and even danced a bit despite feeling like I could barely walk from soreness. There were so many people taking pictures, I am sure there will be tons of evidence!

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