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Softball update: Played both games last night. Stats: two base hits, two strikeouts, two base outs. 2 softballs to the face. Yes, the face, I have a quarter-sized bump on it and my glasses are farged up. I didn't get anyone out at home but I looked like I was vaguely competent all game and that's good enough for me. The 33" bat is very key. I fear I will be stuck at catcher for some time though. We won one and lost one. I also feel like I've been beaten all over from crouching for long periods of time, something I don't usually do. But it's the good pain.

I think I might hit the pewel later (salami_salome? interested?) when I get home from work instead of Curves. I definately need to hit the LensCrafters to see if they can make it so that one lens of my glasses is not a half-inch above the other. And maybe, hope against hope, my new phone will be here so I can call people from the grocery store and ask them what they want.

It seems like if I am really, really mad about something, if I ignore it, in the space of two weeks I forget or give up being mad. Or at least find it too annoying to actually do anything about. I think I had some other introspective stuff but the softball knocked it out of my head. Just making it day to day, right now. Drew a fantasy home layout for my imaginary house during DoS attack class. Someday I'll get a scanner. I concieved of an entire comic book plot in my head last weekend, imagined how it would look, realized I can't draw, and lamented the fact. Now I can't remember the plot. Dang.
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