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keep it dark

Yesterday I took a quick lunch break and did bot purchase anything in the mall. Among the things I did not purchase are the new Morrissey cd, a mint green scarf, a new phone, and piercing studs. The piercing studs issue was really irritating; I've been wearing the same piercing studs in all three of my ear holes essentially for ten to fifteen years. But the Claire's won't sell you just the piercing studs. I'm considering going down there on lunch again and seeing if there's a different person working today. The studs I have are turning weirdly green under the CZ. Ew.

Now this is all on account of the fact that I am considering stretching my ears to 6g or 4g. I never considered it because really, I've typically not been one to sign myself up for vountary pain. But then I saw these awesome lapis things. J00dy has been very helpful w. advice. In the long run though, I'm a scaredy cat so who knows. I still don't have that tattoo I've been planning for oh, what, ten years now?

After I got off work I zipped over to oontzgrrl's. From there there was geeking and chatting. We talked an awful lot about phones. But right now that's almost a pasttime for me, so... I managed to hold my own a teensy bit in comic book conversation (how did that happen). Us and ownermental and Jack and some people who's LJs I don't know or who don't have them took over a table at the Flat Top (drool) and ate for what seemed like hours. I found that Matt (who previously I believe I had not spoken to due to feeling enormously intimidated) also likes The Quick and the Dead. I'm not alone. :) We then went over to Shirlington and saw Coffee & Cigarettes. It was a nice departure, but I don't think I enjoyed as much as everyone else. Maybe it'll grow on me after a while.

Tonight we play a team that's 1-7. Now, I really hope we win at least one of these games, because if not, ouch.

Constant low grade anxiety eating me up slowly. I think I'm having the stealth stress again, the kind where I think everything's OK but underneath I'm not acknowledging I'm worried about 17 different things.
Tags: anxiety, movies
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