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Originated by judithiscariot:
Read this list. Boldface the things you hate. Add three things you hate to the end of the list. Repost.

1. fake childrens' voices in radio commercials
2. detailed voicemails instead of email
3. whiny college students
4. vegetarian bashers
5. holier-than-thou vegetarians
6. Inappropriate Capitalization
7. band t-shirts that only come in black
8. extolling of childrens' wide-eyed innocence
9. lack of continuity in movies/TV
10. email sent on custom graphical "stationary"
11. MS Word attachments instead of ASCII
12. towels with too much fabric softener in them
13. gay people whose only hobby is being gay
14. "this page intentionally left blank"
15. Take Your Child To Work Day
16. sirens on the radio
17. virtual/online petitions
18. rabid Stanley Kubrick fans
19. Jell-O
20. people who identify with Ender from Ender's Game
21. trendy children's names (Connor, Kayleigh, Brittany, Taylor, etc.)
22. electric can openers
23. "utilize"
24. flip-flops worn anywhere but the pool
25. fasting to rid your body of "toxins"
26. people who reek of stale cigarette smoke all the time
27. dressing up for halloween
28. Eudora Welty
29. other peoples' messes
30. being touched by strangers
31. the word "ugly" used in reference to anything but character or inanimate objects
32. people who stand in front of the metro doors even though they don't get off for five stops
33. the idea of spending precious hours of my life removing "unsightly" body hair
Tags: meme
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