keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

damn what's been up

- communications issues n stuff w good friends
- working saturdays so boring
- went to see saved! at shirlington with mcoletti and his crew, loved it
- ditched by parents
- watched some penn & teller's BS with roommate & crew, only half impressed
- forced said crew to watch clerks cartoon <3
- historic enemy taught me many batting tips, redemption in process, 2nd bat purchased
- happy birthday to falkonne and happy grilling too
- former president reagan passed away ending a long and probably awful bout with alzheimer's
- i know more about my credit rating now than i ever have before
- sent money western union for the first time ever
- mouth-watering house tantalizations, and damn you howard county tempting me, you temptress
- fixed up my resume a little, no really
- neopets now winning gaming wars over dark age, sacred
- related news: attention span shortening like the dude in thinner loses weight
- plenty of socializing, not enough activism
- learned about breastfeeding/formula wars, boycotting nestle, and why you should too
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