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Tuesday was Tea. I had the most awesome mashed potatoes with garlic and gorgonzola. I had them for breakfast on Wednesday, as well. Go to Franklin's for their mashed potatoes, mark my words! Other people were eating mealworms. Eek. transentient showered us with gifts from Japan. Which was very cool. :)

Today has been a day for financial pursuits. Cleaning up messes. Getting to backlogs. I knocked 8 things off my to-do list, leaving me with four. There are an awful lot of bullet points under those four, however. Consolidated student loans. Spoke with mortgage dude. Challenged incorrect shit on the old credit report. Filed. Corresponded.

I took a lunch break to watch Pieces of April, which was mainly to satisfy my (not so) secret inner Dawson's Creek fangirl. Someone phone up Katie Holmes and tell her it's hard to play different characters when your face is so utterly unique and sort of forces mannerisms on you. I liked it anyways. It was the kind of gritty of which I approve. It's also clearly one of those movies I like which all other people will hate, except for some floofy critics. The writing wasn't always graceful or subtle, but it was OK in the context. I'm very forgiving about that kind of thing.

Just watched School of Rock. Also sat on cat's tail while in a hurry to potty. Oops.
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