keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

last night when i got home i pondered a bit about stuff, wrote some stuff, and jack and i tried to load ringtones on my phone, which was a bust. which is very sad because i found an awesome rendition of the final fantasy battle-winning fanfare and i want my phone to ring that SO BAD so i can wave one arm up and down mechanically every time i get a phone call.

after that i settled in for some disturbing movie watching, since my back has been killing me (i have this spot i pulled back in '93 that gets re-injured easily). i had a choice between Fatherland and Monster's Ball, and i chose the latter. i know i always talk about how i hate gritty movies, but i confess i didn't hate this one. i wasn't sure what halle berry did that was so great, but all in all i thought the movie came across kind of optimistic. the sex scene ran on a little longer than it needed to to get across the point, but that didn't actually bug me that much. i had deeper, more eloquent thoughts on this yesterday but my depth and eloquence is fleeting.

now i'm at work, feeding the meepits some juice. this is, btw, the cutest game ever and has the BEST MUSIC. we've all finished all the available work, and now we just wait for swing shift... too bad my back still effing hurts. today's perfume experiments: Lalique (too sweet) and Pi (jury still out). the perfumania had a little book that listed perfumes under categories, so i could go find my favorite and look for ones in that category. i'm such a dork.
Tags: movies, perfume
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