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I know you were all dying for a perfume update, I just know it. So, my lunchtime forays have netted experiences with the following:

Kenneth Cole Black. This completely lives up to his promise, although again I offer the token refutation of the existence of scents that are strictly "masculine" or "feminine". It took about an hour to really settle in, and faded to nothing by the time I went to bed, but in between it did its woodsy, mossy thing perfectly. I'd buy it if I found it in the cheapo place or on Ebay.

Burberrys Brit. Well, it started out smelling kind of like cake. Alot like sugary, strong cake. The vanilla and the sugared almonds? All there in spades. I thought it was foul but if you're a fan of that kind of thing, (ahem salami_salome) it might just be right up your alley. I confess that after working out and sweating all day in it, it was more pleasant, and less like the gingerbread house the wicked witch is luring you into so she can eat you, but it still isn't what I want to smell like.

Carolina Herrera's 212. Well, this is pretty standard flowery fare. I think I may reject it based solely on the fact that the person across the cube farm from me thinks it's awesome. She'd probably also like J.Lo's Glow and eats tiny salads because her husband wants her to lose her pregnancy fat, all while she's wearing bebe. I'm usually a fan of all things Herrera, but I think this breaks the trend. I can tell it will fade into something tolerable but tolerable ain't good enough.

Perry Ellis 360 (women). Again ignoring the random arbitrary designation of "for women" (I would enjoy the men's version if it didn't evoke certain very specific memories of an ex...) I bring you... AGH! Foulness. Everyone is avoiding me at work now. I'm making people cry and go home early. I have to wash this off, agh!!! It smells like rancid grass clippings and Comet. Maybe it's just my chemistry but this shit is FUNKAY. I think it might work for you if you share no genetic material with me and like "clean" scents.
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