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Let's see... what's going on... not much since I was sick yesterday. Steph came over and ministered to me, although I didn't need much ministering, because after I slept I didn't feel that bad. I still have yucky throat soreness and ear weirdness, but it hasn't taken over everything like I suspected it would. I did miss an Ostara ritual at my ex-roomate's (in other words, my old) place. But I didn't want to go spreading my germs around, ya know?

The anti-vanity portion of this program is the following: web cam pics. One is from last fall, one is from this morning. I look like hell. So does my cat. But that is indeed what I look like in the morning!

Good news: Lou got Church tickets for 4 of us. Yay! April 22nd!

Bad news: Since mail was down yesterday, I didn't have the address I needed to mail that cd. So, today.

Other bad news: All night last night, I had this elaborate dream in which I was watching a movie with someone... some I felt was my sister, or something, and my father... the movie was about a father who ate, slowly, his entire family. But like, as the dream went on, it began to feel like it was MY father that was going to eat us. And it turned out we were watching this movie in the house where it all took place. I kept saying, please don't make me watch the movie, and trying to get away. It's all kind of jumbled together, and I can't remember exactly what happened anymore, but this dream was going on and on and on. It somehow became years later, and I was in counseling for what all had gone on, and for some reason they hadn't put this man who was my father (it wasn't like my real father at all) away because they didn't have proof he was eating his family. I remember the counselor was really near the house where it all happened or something... at any rate, there was something about a circus coming to town, and me being worried that he would eat all the exotic animals that came with the circus, and in the middle there somewhere I remember trying to leave the house where we were watching the movie (it was like an old victorian house) and somehow ending up walking down a street in New York and having to carry Madonna and some flowers past a throng of crazy people. I glossed over a bunch of scary stuff, but still, what the HELL?

random LJ survey:
there are 1000 people listing socialism as an interest.
there are 248 people listing capitalism as an interest.
there are 8835 people listing dogs as an interest.
there are 18537 people listing cats as an interest.

check out the lj directory page.
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