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Remind me not to take 95 home again. My inner monologue sounds about like this:

"Oh ouchie poor guy!"
"Oh noooo don't fly in the road!"
"Oh poor little thing."
"Oooh... to the left, fly left... ow..."
"Oh crap, another death on my conscience."

Those of you who know I'm a meatatarian probably find this a little odd. My hypocrisy takes many forms. In this case, it's just hard to see the splat splat splatty over and over, although I can console myself that perhaps this means the next brood will have a nervous system designed to urge them not to fly onto the highway. It's not my fault I anthropomorphize everything and thus end up feeling unreasonable amounts of empathy.

Currently this empathy is also extended towards my old Sprint phone, which sees its last usefulness today. Erm, I guess if vexed wants it back after three years she can have it... :) Sadly it's a 4 year old phone and only will work on Sprint. Who I FIRED today unceremoniously. Hellooooo Verizon. I look forward to talking non-roam on the metro. I do NOT look forward to putting in 82356389476 phone numbers by hand. RIP Sanyo SCP-4000. You were a wonderful,. reliable little phone. *sheds tear* Welcome to the family, Motorola C343. And the dude said my phone number will be done porting over in 3 hours; we'll see.
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