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It's book club tonight. If you've read Slaughterhouse-Five and are nearby, there will be a bunch of us discussing it at my house.

I bought Trillian Pro finally. It's nice. Also I didn't know there was some kind of soft limit on how many contacts you can reliably get updates about.

Friday: Party @ Farringtonia rocked. Wish I hadn't been so damn sore. I unsuccessfully mediated a fight about Scientology. Body shut down long before mind.
Saturday: Congratulations are in order for the newlyweds koira and falkonne. The wedding was lovely despite the wondeful cicada background noise. It was fun to watch bronzemountain flirt with the bartender. Later on msteleute and I inflicted The Last Unicorn on an unsuspecting viewership. I'm still singing the song (I'm aliiiiiive!). And still verklempt.
Sunday: Feast!!! I <3 judithiscariot for making Thanksgrabbing so awesome. Also her team. And I didn't care what the potatoes looked like I had many heaping spoonfuls. For some reason eating and being hot and beers made me so tired I came home and crashed on the couch for hours. Oops.

So even with this inadequate description god damn I had a good weekend due to the hard work and caring of a bunch of people for their friends which somehow include me and I'm really grateful. Also may be feeling a little oversentimental right now left over from the movie. And there's still book club. You know book club? Where you are going to be later? So now I'm off to procure snacks and clean things and get parking passes and work out and etc etc etc.

Oh and Jack would like everyone to know that Curad band-aids are inferior, so don't buy them.
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