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For my unbusy night, last night was awfully busy. Curves, head shrinking, burger consumption, television cooperative, and finally sleeping. At Curves, some kind of guerilla marketing squad invaded with free Red Bull. They were apparently just driving to every local gym and handing them out. Needless to say, I did not take one, because EW. How does one interpret the random cheery college students with free stuff though? Is this happening because people are not watching enough TV commercials? During session, my therapist said "I'm really glad you decided to come back" (we missed a session due to work schedule shenanigans) in this weird way that I'm sure either meant "dear god you need help crazy woman" or "you have alot of potential to be really awesome". Or maybe both.

After that I went over to cheetahmaster's mainly to hang out with people, with a side effect of catching the season finales of Smallville and Angel. Despite my slowly but steadily increasing distaste with all television, I confess the ending of Smallville was pretty rad. Derivative, but who cares? 15 minutes into Angel I left because I knew my eyeballs audibly rolling back into my head would probably be disrespectful, and plus, how is reading a book social? Not to mention, I was tired as hell. Went right to bed with LOTR:FOTR on tape lilting in my ears. Not that the mines of Moria are all that restful.

I'm a little frustrated with people who keep saying "don't put graphic pictures of the atrocities occurring all over the world in the news, it's too depressing". It's better if we are reminded of reality. However, I confess I'm kind of glad I don't have little kids right now. The Larouche guys were set up outside the metro yesterday with big Abu Ghraib blown-up pictures all over their little kiosk. It was pretty creepy. My political consideration this week has amounted to shaking my head in sadness and being deeply grateful for what I have, and where I am. I've been wanting to link to some well-written posts by friends, but not wanting to devote entries to merely that, without having my commentary down. I'm basically speechless on alot of subjects, but to their credit, thewronghands and keryx are not. Also, if someone can explain to me what the heck is going on in Haiti I'd love to hear it. (

I can't decide if I want it to storm really badly so I don't have to go play softball, or if I want it to definately not storm, so I get to go play softball. Nervous again.
Tags: politics, therapy
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