keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

So, it's a little weird to not be able to tell who the most radical person in the room is, and new and different to not feel like the most radical person in the room. Yes! I had dinner with many fabulous LJ feminists last night and yapped like an ass because 2 beers gets me drunk nowadays. I made the ambrosia, and it was good! I am in fact eating some of it right now. It sounds like this may be a regular event, which is a fantastic idea. Except I'm rapidly going to run out of veggie cooking ideas. :) Thanks immensely to peregrin8 for hosting. And thanks to grrangela for taking me back to the metro! As a note, which tofu is the one that is crumbly like blue cheese? I may need to recreate something I used to eat in college.

For salami_salome: Today I'm wearing Gucci No. 3, which was a gift from a long, long time ago, 15 or more years ago. They say in the description there that it's floral, but their idea of floral must be something different from mine. Or I should start ignoring the word "floral" because it covers such a breadth of scents that it's ridiculously generic. Oh, and check it, I found a history of perfume on the web. Oh, and check out what this one claims it can do for you. Hee!

I'm watching this space for news of a Finn invasion. Very exciting.
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