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So, if I want my nuvaring perscription to only cost me $20/mo, I have to get it home delivered. If I don't, it costs me $35/mo. What the hell? It has to be refrigerated. How are they going to do that? This is stupid.

I mailed out cds today. I forgot to test-listen each one, so I hope they burned OK. Snidegrrl recording studios has very poor quality control.

Much to the chagrin of my many mortal enemies, I didn't go out and swing an aluminum softball bat around in the thunder and lightning last night. I guess this means I'll probably be bunting unintentionally again.

My body seems to override my mind when it comes to nervousness ALL THE TIME lately. Basically every time I do something non-standard, while my mind is excited about it and happy, my body freaks out and my tummy hurts and my bowels turn to jello. I am so very, very unfond of this trend. I know I've always been sort of a nervous person. But you would think as I become more confident in my mind, it would conquer some of those physical reactions. :( Also I yawn uncontrollably in the late afternoon. I just go through about an hour constantly yawning. Then it goes away. Why? Anyways, off to dinner shortly.
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