keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

The weekend was about half as full as expected. Oops! Nevertheless I got to:

1. Shop at the Sari Palace (among other places) in Langley Park with salami_salome, kazoogrrl, msteleute, where I found immediately the perfect minty-green-touched salwar/kameez/dupatta. I also learned my lesson about Langley Park, which is, don't drive there unless you absolutely must. Much thanks to those who drove. Oh, and if you're a woman feeling desperate to be treated like an object, go ahead and wander around there, your need for that kind of appreciation will almost certainly be filled.

2. Eat south Indian vegetarian fare (I ordered the wrong thing, I should have had the cheese thing!) with the above cronies, as well as examorata. That's cronies, not crones! Jeez. We also had bubble tea. I'm still not the biggest bubble tea fan but I don't mind continuing to try. No sign of the angel-poop dumplings I had in NYC that time at the tea place. :(

3. Go shopping with my mom's money. Clothes were purchased. Thank you mom, you rock! It's vaguely irritating that a store's website contains completely different merchandise from the store itself; it sure would make things easier if I could pick out what I want online, make a list, and just present that list at the store to find the stuff I want to try on. But noooo.

4. Attend girls' night during which there was no other activity but talking, just about. I loooooove the talking. :)

5. Do seven loads of laundry and tidy my room. Er, our room.

I did not: visit judithiscariot, get to see Jack's sister graduate from college, or actually finish all the laundry. :( It's hard to be disappointed when I had such a nice weekend, but I am v. disappointed I did not make it so I could get to WV. I did start reading yet another book, this time The World According to Garp by John Irving.
Tags: books, food, friends
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