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Softball was very good, and then very bad. First game I got on base twice and made it all the way home once. I had a "good hustle". Since nothing came into right field, I can say my fielding was perfect. We won the first one, 16-6 or something like it. Second game not so much. Coach put me in as catcher first inning, and I have never done that before. I found that I do not have the ability to crouch for long periods of time. Or catch anything from a crouching position. Anyways, I came back out and just did extra hitting, and struck out and was caught out at first. But that wasn't the whole reason we lost the game; in the second or third inning the other team just kind of stopped swinging at things, and we walked 20 people. Oops. People were saying that the ump was calling them awfully close for a D league, and that the other team was being unsportsmanlike for not clipping at a few nice ones. It did seem like they didn't really want to play at that point. At any rate, I felt slightly more a part of the team, and didn't pull anything or get overly winded, so I feel like I'm getting stronger.

Almost done tweaking my feministy-LJ mix. The beginning and the end give me chills and make my hair stand on end. I am excited to pass it on to the participants in the swap!!

My weekend is shaping up to be fantabulous, and I really feel like I've been working towards it all week. Next weekend is the same way. No rest for the wicked!

Anyone interested in some batting practice in Laurel monday? C'mon I know almost every one of you probably likes to hit things.
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