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Mother's Day weekend, parental visit, was really nice! There was alot of eating. Here's how it went down: Friday night, try the Bay & Surf on rt 1. The food was ... well it didn't live up to my expectations, and I expected a great deal since the prices there are pretty steep. Also there was a VERY LOUD child right behind us, which wasn't bothering me too much, but was making conversation difficult. Sat morning we hit the diner and then the metro for our staple trip to the Navy Museum down in SE. It was pretty dang awesome although I think metroing was a mistake. Our feet were very tired out by the end. We then headed to Ballston, because that's the only place I can be confident I know the restaurants within walking distance. Flat Top Grill was had. Everyone was happy. We went home to chill, then had kebab and watched Rat Race. I had a feeling that one would be up mom & dad's alley.

Sunday was The Summit - the E's and the S's met up to determine whether this whole extended family thing was going to work out. Unsurprisingly it was very pleasant and everyone got along. :) We went to the Jazz brunch at the Ram's Head, and of course I had forgetten about the Jazz part so it was more like Annoying Loud Music brunch. Jack's dad brought some livestock (I should have taken pictures) which he traded to my dad in exchange for my betrothal. We parted ways in good spirits. Mom wanted to go to the Patuxent Wildlife Research center, which is like right around the dang corner and I had never been there! I'll have to go back and do the trails sometime, or the tram tour they have. We finished up with dinner at El Charro which completed the tour of Incredibly Noisy Restaurants as they had their jukebox set to 11. The neat thing was, we ran into cheetahmaster and lilmymble and their fam who were on their way out. I love it when that happens. :)

I hate how we have to cram everything into a weekend visit, and at the end it always seems like it will be too long until we see each other again. But I'm glad we managed to cram alot of activity into this one! Also, all restaurants should be quieter so people can actually talk to each other.
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