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Why I'm Not Quitting Curves

I have now seen eighty bazillion posts decrying the horror of Curves. At this point, rather than making the same comment in every person's journal, I figure I had better just... make a post. (Of course, those of you posting recently don't have any way of knowing how many times I've heard the news, so I'm not like mad at you, I'm sorry if I come off bitchy. :()

"All this is by way of saying that while it's correct to identify Gary Heavin as a patron of pro-life endeavors, it would not be right to point to Curves as a supporter of those same causes. "

Curves is the most woman-positive gym atmosphere I've ever encountered. We live in a culture where women's bodies are commodities, battlegrounds, objects of immense criticism and ridicule. This is a place where you can, ironically, escape that and just feel like you're taking care of yourself. I did not get a hard sell. I am not pressured to buy extra shirts, drinks, or books. (Although they do produce that stuff.) The women there are smiling, taking the machines (which are not difficult to learn how to use) at their own pace. There is no sense of shame, there is no sense of some kind of oppressive misery of being a woman who doesn't fit the ideal. There are women of all walks of life, shapes, and sizes. It's also a great deal cheaper and more convenient than most gyms. (Although, not, by any means, the cheapest way to get exercise.) In fact, there is everything right with Curves for me and for many women who are busy yet need some motivation to get excercise in an organized atmosphere.

At my Curves, we've openly talked about the controversy and about attending the March for Choice. I don't think anyone is made to feel unwelcome. Every franchise is different, and owned/managed by a different set of people. It pains me to see people making a decision about something that is clearly helping so many women feel better about themselves and achieve something they desire due only to where Gary Heavin put his money.

Edit: Well, will you look at that.
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