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softball, and randomly, a career retrospective.

So, I suppose it's not a surprise that I stink at softball. I was only in like three innings and manged to pull a muscle in my thigh. I did hit the ball a few times, but never made it to first base. WELL. There's only one way to get better, isn't there? I'm not going to quit this just because I'm bad at it like I do with everything else. At any rate, our team (the Daemons, for those who appreciate that kind of humor) lost both games to Wolfpack: 10-5 and 15-14. Now, considering this team was apparently last year's champions, and the girls on this team all look like they CLEARLY have a bunch of experience, probably playing college ball, I don't consider this a big deal. We did pretty good. I mean, except for me. (Oh, and Jack cemented his position as awesomest permanently by coming out to the game to watch and root.)

Hey, I was hoping more people would try to guess my songs in the last post. :)

This is a fun one: post every job you have ever had. (Filched from carneggy.) I hope I'm not forgetting any.

Adminstrative lackey (insurance company): I filed things. That was the long & short of it; I was 14 and got paid in cash. It was at my mom's office.

Fast Food Cashier: Gyro Wrap, Lynnhaven Mall. This job did not last long. I just got a car (oh man, that's a whole other post right there) and needed to pay for gas, so I went to work at the mall where all my mallrat friends worked (we were all in a RHPS cast together there.) I stood out in front of the place and yelled at lunchgoers "WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRY A FREE SAMPLE" and fended off angry people when they found out there was lamb in the meat. (Ten percent, I still remember my spiel.) I spent much of my income on cheese fries from the very establishment I worked for. Actually, I could really go for some curly cheese fries right now...

Summer Arts Camp Counselor: This was tons of fun. I taught ten year olds stained-glass making, and 8 year olds pottery and calligraphy. This was at my snooty private school so I actually did have a few little whipper-snappers tell me that their daddies were lawyers and they would have me sued if I made them do stuff. But there were some really sweet kids too. This was the summer of my squirrel bite, and I also think I had my first beer. I was 17/18/19.

Shelver/Lost book finder/Etc: I worked at the VaTech library for almost 4 whole years, my entire college career. This was the best. job. ever. Seriously. I loved this job. I could put on my walkman and hang out with books for hours. I rescued long lost books! There were dark spots, like the summer CHEDS project where we moved the entire back storage warehouse of the library to a new facility and I was given a team of utter chuckleheads to work with, or the fact that wierdos love the library and REALLY love harassing women in the library. But I also met Becki, and we still correspond (if inconsistently) to this day. (Oh if anyone needs a harpist in the Portland area, look her up!)

Project Assistant (National Academy of Sciences, Water Science and Technology Board): Secretarial junk and meeting planning. The only good thing was, I got to travel. I hated this job, and it showed. I am so not proud of the performance I turned in that I still have nightmares about it. I try to think of it as a life lesson and a reminder never to be that much of a shithead again.

Customer Support (Intermedia): This was an awesome job in many ways. I liked having an on-demand set of tasks and challenges, even if I was slow on the technical uptake most of the time. I liked feeling like I was helping people. I liked knowing I wasn't EVER wasting my time. I worked with a young and talented group of people (many of whom are on LJ and on my friends list) so the atmosphere was fun, although after a few years, it seemed less "fun" and more "unprofessional". After a questionably merited promotion and subsequent questionably arbirtrary demotion (about which I am still fairly bitter) I left for where I am now. There is little doubt that getting this job was one of the two most enormous turning points in my life, and I will eternally owe Scott Garrett for saving me. More could be said.

Now I'm an "Operations Engineer", I shuffle hardware around and troubleshoot things. The title makes me snicker cynically because to some degree it was ingrained in me, since I went to an Engineering school, that you can't have that title without a degree.
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