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i'm so confused right now. about just about everything. well, except that 1) jack is awesome and 2) i am very lucky in many regards. jack is right about the ipod, but not for the reasons he originally stated.

i feel like one tool i need to solve all my problems is a wall-sized whiteboard and a week off to mind-map everything. but my problems are not so bad, so i will not declare them in a litany. i find myself reading all your entries, my friends, and thinking, "wow, that's so cool. i wish i were doing that."

a gentle man needed 80¢ to get out of the metro station. i had four quarters. money and benedictions were exchanged. it was a simple moment that brightened both our days.

things i have been putting off: writing bills, writng to my cousin, cleaning, filing. i am currently reading: To The Best Of My Ability by James M. McPherson. it's very heavy. literally.
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