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I always say to myself, "Gee, it'd sure be nice to wake up one day and know what the hell I want to do with my life."

Yesterday, I woke up and thought, "I should get an MSW (social work, fyi). I should start doing some volunteering in the area I am likely to want to concentrate in (care for the elderly?) and by the time I can make a graceful exit from the tech sector, I will have something vaguely competitive for an application to graduate school. Do I really think I would be comfortable in law school, or trying to restructure my entire thought process towards biochemistry, something I have never done before? No, I should get an MSW."

Is this a fluke, or a legitimate inner nudging towards purpose? I was reading the Soc department newsletter from my alma mater the other day, and saw a story on one of my favorite professors. It said he wanted to hear from alumni about how they are using sociology nowadays. Hrm. I'd love to be able to write him a letter that could provide that content. I'll probably spend downtime at work today looking at local MSW programs and searching for volunteer opportunities.
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