keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

My standard morning goes about like this:

05:20 Alarm goes off. Hug Jack and wake him up.
05:21 Get in shower.
05:31 Get out of shower, dress and hygeine rituals.
05:40 Hug Jack, wake him up again, leave house.
06:04 Arrive at metro.
07:00 Arrive at work.

This is basically identical 5 days a week, unless I foolishly decide to drive, or have to work on Saturday. What's yours like? I'm told getting out of the house in 20 minutes is abnormal.

This morning the WPE guy was back, and I almost hugged him. The interim WPE people were surly and mean. I took a copy of the rag, and shockingly was glad to have done so, because there was a blurb about how low-grade iron deficiencies might be causing young women to feel addle-brained. Time to try that iron supplement again!! This might have been my problem for a long time. There was also a spirit-lifting article about an errant ram, a kangaroo that saved some guy and won an animal valor award, and a story on Cryfest.

Courtesy judithiscariot, ASTM standards for batting performance factor. I had no idea! So I can't go over 1.20. Batting practice with the team is tonight (eliminating non-team practicing) and then games start next week. Eek!
Tags: softball, survey
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