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Post-March for Choice Shock and Awe

Mine eyes have seen the glory - and the glory is one million people in downtown DC uniting in one voice. I am baffled, and moved, and I met so many amazing people today, and met up with others unexpectedly, and marched on Washington, sang and danced and shouted. I am spent. We heard Gloria and Hillary and Alix. Yesterday we rocked out, and I ate all vegetarian at an Ethiopian restaurant... and connected with so many amazing women. I saw women from everywhere from right here to Hawaii to Canada to Florida. Some Ohioans loaned me their marker to write on my kitty umbrella (which was in the end the most effective tool to keep our gang together) and so many other little acts of kindness. There is so much more, but I'm so tired...

I feel like I've been on a trip to a different land. But it's not, it's this land! I have to give thanks for everything I have. Intense. Incredible to meet belladonnalin, zorah, kitty_pitchfork. Just amazing. Soooo wonderful to see crafting_change, grrangela, peregrin8. Regrets that I never found or ran into the others attending. Bliss knowing that I can have a friend for 17 years (keryx) and find us to be so near to the same place in mind. Gratefulness to examorata, tirani, pictsy for marching with us.

It was beautiful out there. The whole weekend was beautiful. So many amazing beautiful women in one place. I have come out of this all feeling stronger. Despite the fact that I got choked up about 3,487 times. I can't really verbalize all of it right now. So I guess I'll go relax...whuf.
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