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More cars

Driving around today, I realized I forgot to mention a few subcompacts that you CAN get in the US...

The Chevy Aveo. The first model year for this car, who knows how long it will take it to be anything like reliable; this is GM after all. I read on some webpage this is a souped up Daewoo Lanos. Doesn't inspire confidence, but damn it's a cute little car and damn it starts under 10K. 5 bucks under, but still, who else can say that?

The Suzuki Aerio. I think this is the same thing as the Swift, which they sell outside the US? I've seen a few driving around, and they always catch my eye.

I don't know why I'm talking about this, though, I'm not buying a car. I have a perfectly wonderful one.

I wonder if there exists crash tests specifically facing off SUVs with subcompacts.

And total non-sequitur, Jack is the sweetest, as he pulled my hair through a cap thingy for me so I could bleach bits.
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