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but i slept today!

first of all, it's really surprising what a few little words can do to make you feel good.

secondly, what is the deal, body? you slept for the requisite 7 hours today. why are you trying to collapse on me? is this punishment for the heavy dinner we cooked which consisted of shake-n-bake pork chops, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes? or is something else afoot...

thirdly, there's not much to say. i need to stop comparing myself to other people. i have no idea where the tendency to do so came from, or how to stop it, but it's really unhealthy and damaging to my own feelings of self-worth. i remember it really coming to a climax in the summer after sophomore year, when i took summer school chemistry and started competing with my best friend. hey, it's ten years later! time to grow up! heh.
Tags: introspection
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