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already a busy weekend, holy crap. but good. got out of work early to go to sushi king to cheer salami_salome on to a happy birthday! then went to dick's and got a glove and cleats for softball. i also had to buy expensive atheletic socks because i forgot to wear socks to try cleats on. then jack and i drove to richmond to enjoy the musical-themed party at casa keryx and there was much rejoicing! or at least much "why i'm a bad liberal" and eyeliner discussion (a trip to sephora sometime might be good) and funny feminist stories. (a friend of a friend was told, apparently: "you have nice breasts... for a feminist." augh!) the food was fucking amazing and the conversation was as always super.

we drove home around 1am, it took under 2 hours, but i was up for 2 more hours crying. why? i don't know. but my strong suspicion is that the nuvaring is making me fucking psycho. my confidence in this little project is wavering. can i stand being this miserable and unpredictable for another few months hoping it will even out? (that's rhetorical)

woke up, eyes puffy and dry, still felt like crying. did NOT want to go to softball practice. but forced myself to go, and it was worth it, even though i proved x10 how ridiculously not in shape i am. let's just say my vision swam. it was also ass-crack--of-hell hot and i got a sunburn. i am sure i will get used to it before games start... in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. right? buh.
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