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it's 2pm already???

last night before i went to bed i couldn't stop thinking about crap - sometimes morbid things that i don't even want to name, but also sewing and how nice it would be to have faith in some sort of god when bad shit happens. hoping, as i do every day, that tonight i'll just fall into a deep sleep at the appropriate time and continue sleeping until time is up.

i ran into devolutionary on the metro today. that was neat. not so much for him because it means he's on this craptacular hideously early morning schedule. [edit] holy crap i forgot to document basically all of the weekend. oops. saturday i dyed eggs with tzel and co. and sunday we all had chinese brunch at house of peking choice and after that i visited with jack's family... all of which served to deliver me for a time from my sever funk of last week. i need to post pics of the eggs!! [/edit]

i need to complete Tax Forms. i am filled with loathing, not because i do not want to give my dues, but because i HATE DOING THEM and don't get why they can't just take out the goddamn right amount in the first damn place. loathe, loathe, loathe.

i need to figure out if i can create a costume between now and saturday in an appropriate musical theme. i had an idea but i have to get to a michael's, they have to have everything i need, and i have to SEW THINGS. just a few things, but things nonetheless. jack has so far refused my suggestions of a) letting me make him a Toto (as in the wiz) costume and b) duh, jesus christ superstar!

i need to mail a check to crafting_change. like crazy yesterday last week time frame. i am stating it publicly because shaming myself is a very effective motivator!

i need to get 2 tires. i need to drop off junk that is filling up the hatchback at the thrift store. i need to figure out what to do with those 2 excess halogen lamps. these things are probably not going to get done this week.
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