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keep it dark

So, if no one ever points out spelling, grammar, or word choice errors to anyone else because it's rude and doesn't belong in a debate, how will anyone ever learn how use the english language correctly?

Today's temptation: "...others are reasonable conversationalists who just happen to oppose (or think they oppose) the major tenants of the community." She may have said tenants on purpose, as if the people in the community rent space there, but I think she meant "tenets".

My attention span has been so short today that I opened up my Neopets account which I haven't touched in 3 years.

Last night's dream was just silly and fun. I dreamed that I had to go to work in Norfolk on saturday, so I had Jack drive me down there (a 4 hour trip). Somehow on the way we found oontzgrrl and she took over the driving. Unfortunately, after we were a fair bit down the road, starting to see beach resorts and things, she drove into the swimming pool of one of these little resorts. She was sort of giggling and being all "oops! sorry!" about it. Fortunately it was a resort that her dad just happened to own a time-share in, so we went in there to dry off. The resort itself was really neat because it was very kitschy and 50s, and the main building was a giant A-frame with a square channel-pool running between each of the units. We were in a different building. We spent a bunch of time trying to get our stuff out of the car that was in the pool and dry it off. For some reason I had brought like five stretchy undershirts. Perhaps the strangest thing about this dream was that the ocean was on the wrong side, that is, to the west.
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