keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

first i dreamed that me and three other women - including keryx - all had husbands who were scientists. in a weird flatliners-esque plot development, our husbands all decided to cryogenically freeze themselves in a shed in our communal back yard for ten years. the two women i didn't know very well drifted off and gave up on the project; just as well because their husbands did not survive the process. only one of the men did, and when he revived he was a solid monstrous block of clear ice, who could not communicate. i was trying to convince keryx to leave with me, that this had rapidly turned into a scary horror movie and we had better let someone else be the protagonist from now on. she was too curious about how this guy's brain could have turned into clear ice and still be functioning and wanted to stick around. we came out the front door and saw him packing a chainsaw - as if to say, we'lll see who's an ice sculpture now! - and i woke up.

later i dreamed that oontzgrrl was managing some kind of retail store in either florida or arizona and wanted to go on vacation and let me take over for her. she neglected to tell me that the mall manager was a big smelly jackass who proceeded to steal my ID when I arrived. then no one had keys to the store and all the employees were kind of stupid and couldn't help me at all. there was a bed in the store and i decided to take a nap.

i had no idea the nuvaring would give me so much subconscious wackiness. it's the only thing i can think of because every night this week has been some kind of messed up dream. i think my plan for now is that if i go a second month with this much crying and bitchiness, then i will have to give up on the nuvaring. :( we'll see. i'm not giving up yet.
Tags: dream
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