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I've spent the last 24 hours, apart from sleeping, basically ripping music so as to make better mix CDs... this is good! However, it also means I now hate all indie rock. Just for the moment. What's with the whiny/nasal voices kids? Why?

Didn't go out last night. I was coughing alot just being in a restaurant that had a smoking section - I dared not hit the smoky club. Then I forgot to spring forward. Also the nuvaring has turned me into a flaming bitch. Or, maybe I'm just a flaming bitch.

To-do list for monday:
- finish making mixes
- clean room
- write to julia and becki
- pay bills
- call therapist
- go to curves!@#&^
- get lease thing with jack fixed up
- guild hunt (heh)
Tags: music, to do list
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