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I hate April Fools' Day. I hope every year that no one cares about me enough to try to play a dumb trick on me, or knows that it would not be fun because I would not be amused. (Note: this is because I'm extremely gullible.)

Also you would not believe the technicolor mucous that has been ejecting from my nose all morning. I should have taken a picture.

Last night I dreamed that I was playing a video game - only I was the character in the game. The art style was very Final Fantasy cut scene-esque, very anime. I was a grunt security guard working in a plant that farmed energy from zombies; the zombies were all stuck in little pods with big gold tubes attached to their heads. It was either a shift change or we were bringing on a new guy, when something went haywire. The zombies were loosed. I had to run home and prepare myself for fleeing from zombies. Only the game kept giving me ridiculous tasks to finish. The task I was working on before I woke up was "Find your insurance policy and make sure your home is insured for this kind of eventuality." I was thinking, this is a really stupid task, why is it asking me to do this? What a dumb game. There was also a little animal/alien sidekick as there often is in anime games.

The other day I also fell asleep on the metro and was dreaming about DAoC when we went into a tunnel, and in the dream my torch turned off in the game. I shit you not.
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