keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

next time i say "oh i'm sure it'll feel better when i wake up tomorrow" someone smack me and tell me to go see a doctor. i am now on amoxicillin for a sinus infection. i didn't leave the house much this weekend except sunday we went to a party at jack's cousin's house. it was rough because i couldn't hear anything still. :( we drove around bethesda a bit and i wept secretly for the gorgeous innovative modern homes i will never, ever have. also: too many video games, too little reading.

[edit]: i forgot to include a link to this article on the pledge thing. a little history lesson. i have been chastised for linking to things without stating how i feel about them (st. patrick's day debacle) so i will say: i think this is interesting and i feel bad for any kids that feel excluded and have no recourse. i'd probably tell my kids that if they don't believe in god they can just mumble that part. i'm no newdow.

also i have a hormone-laden jelly bracelet up in mah bidness as of this morning. i hope i don't go crazy! also it turns out my insurance will only let me purchase them ONE AT A TIME so i have to go back to the pharmacy every month. what the FUCK is up with THAT?
Tags: health, politics
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