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Last night I had a pleasant dinner out in sterling with Chris; we'd been negotiating about it for a while and he really wanted me to try Taste of Vietnem. It was pretty good, after all. We chatted about things, to no small extent the game. Then we watched Starsky & Hutch. I didn't loathe the whole thing, although there were one or two parts I did specifically dislike. Some of it was kind of funny and (for me) heartwarming, and it made me want to take a vacation to the 70s. The drive out there wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The drive back was slightly more pleasant because I couldn't see the suburban sprawl and irritating McMansions. At one point (the bulk of the drive was on rt. 7) I could have easily been driving on Rockville Pike. It's all the same.

Getting out there reminded me that I finally parted ways with my ancient (in maps of rapidly expanding suburban landscape terms) Thomas Guide, and I needed a new one. Surprise: Border's says they don't carry them. They're an "ADC house" as the clerk told me. What? That makes no sense to me, carrying only one map brand in your store. Looking around online today, it seems to me that Rand McNally bought the "Thomas Guide" name (that is, assuming they didn't own it back in '97 when I got mine) and have changed the look of it, and added cd-roms. Dear R-McN: I don't have a fucking laptop so what the fuck good will it do me to have a cd-rom map. 99% of the time I use a map it is IN THE CAR you morons. Grr, I want my old Thomas Guide back, except it was pretty woefully out of date; I just really need the best, most easily readable comprehensive map to the DC-Baltimore metropolitan area. I guess I will have to consider getting this and this, although I can't SEE them in person so I'm not willing to buy them just yet. Thus ends my map rant.

[edit] Also I may buy this game. Gamers, anyone else considering it?
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