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Today turned out very nice, despite my feeling down in the morning. I've got to make sure I sleep for the right amount of time. Not 3 hours, not 10 hours, but 7 hours. Any more or less and I get fucked up. At any rate, I spent a bunch of time today just sitting and talking with friends. I honestly can't think of many better things to do. I relived some bitterness about the occurrences that led to my leaving the Previous Employer, which I thought I was rid of... I'm down to 21 hours in my weekend and have accomplished all the things on my list but the following: pay bills, finish sorting papers, drop stuff at thrift store, update resume. Really, that's not too damn bad, all told. I really want to thank malkyne for her encouragement. Alot.

Also: I can't believe I went to four different eating establishments within a 2 mile radius of my house during the course of the day. 3 of them were horifically mediocre. (Big Surprise - there's not much else here.) House of Peking Choice was, of course, the not mediocre one.
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