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I was so involved in the latest issue of Ms. magazine this morning, I got on the wrong train and had to turn around. Yes, this issue is that good. Go out and get it and read it now.

From booyeah, something frightening: Everquest just turned 5. Consider the following: "Total play time for all current players in the game equals more than 184,000 years."

peril_book_club met last night. It was cozy and once again I was a negative nelly. Our hosts were most gracious! More on the results and next book will be posted in the community. Alas, my suggestion was not picked. In the discussion I brought up the word "responsibility". Is there repsonsibility in fiction? Am I wrong to think that there is? Am I just drawing the line in the wrong place here? I said something like "I think if you're going to make your narrator a hermaphrodite you have a resposibility to blahblahblah." and I can't tell if that in itself is an unreasonable statement to make, if I'm just being reactionary, or if what I really wanted to say is "I'd rather read a book about X, and this was a book about Y." Attendees who are curious about the review I quoted from, here it is.

Argh! Two of my friends have been posting interesting thoughtful posts on the same topic and both have posted them friends only. So I can't show them the synergy! Dear TWH and EH, you have alot in common (geekery)!
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