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vacation in progress! thursday night alchemy was on the whole rather fun! i danced the bejezus out of myself. thank goodness the visitation from across the ocean also known as prakriti forced my hand into tailoring a long weekend for that purpose. tonight i went to her satellite g'burg location to enjoy hospitalty and samosas. everyone was very friendly. pleasure!!

tonight is really my last night as a person "on my own" so to speak. moving jack in tomorrow. if you want to help, give one of us a call around noon... we're also helping his roomie move out. turn and face the strange, ch ch changes.

yet another symptom of why i'll never get anywhere in life: spent 15 minutes on the drive home pondering the following scenario: if you were sitting on a leather couch wearing leather pants and a silk shirt and eating doritos, after licking the orange residue off your fingers, what would you do?
Tags: club, move, party, survey
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