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No market for liberal radio? I guess we'll have to see!

things i am lusting after but not buying, nope, even though i have the money right now: this and this.

i did not just do that:
3/11/04 12:24:10 PM kxswart
adding all crash files ass attachment

bitch mode still in full effect. watch out, i have no pity. ok i always have some pity. but i'm saving it up just incase.

edited to add: oh yeah i joined a softball team and jack moves in on saturday and i guess i am being weird about it because i have never lived with an SO before. and i am continually talking to my ex chris because you know, i still don't hate him. and curves is still working out i have only missed one day. and i am trying to think of catchy things to iron on to tshirts, like things about menstruation and things for the march for choice. and i have taken a four day weekend this weekend to party and help jack move. so... 25 minutes to party.
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