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examorata happy birthday celebration was a blast! I like the Wharf Rat. I got extra-super cranky towards the end of the night, but hey, I had been up for like, ever! It was great to see so many friends. Yesterday I tried to help tzel make a web page. Considering I think that you can't possibly need to know more than say, 25 html tags to write a good web page... really to me the hard part is learning to use photoshop. I hope she learns php and then teaches ME about it!

FYI: Lots of people know what it's like to be the sad man. To be the bad man. I could fill a freaking Hyatt Regency convention center with the number of people who know what it's like to feel hated. I'm pretty sure if I posted the lyrics to that song, 25 people would think, "Amen" and then some of them would maybe snicker at the irony of that. In case it isn't obvious, I have officially crossed the line on that song and can no longer tolerate it, and will probably make fun of it if I hear it.

I'm up early on my day off so that the woman doc can ratchet me open and check everything out. Uterus Power Go!!!
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