keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Yesterday's fun sight of the day: a sex toy shop in Laurel. Name? Love Craft. Uhm. Who would buy a dildo at a place called Love Craft? I'm scared.

There have been some great reviews of the Gibson Jesus flick. Not the least of which I found here and here. I'll go see it if Jack wants to but otherwise I doubt it.

Apparently, I want one of these for whatever the next gift-giving holiday is.

I have a homework assignment from my therapist. We talked alot about jealousy, foundations of such, and how I react to it in an unhealthy way. Good stuff. She said I'm very self-aware. Well, duh, what's more fun than being self-aware? I have many fond memories of the early years of my self-awareness and hanging out and chatting with keryx and being totally superior to everyone due to our massive self-awareness. Or maybe we were just making up for the fact that we were nerds. :)
Tags: therapy
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