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i am so tired i could cry. but it was all worth it. i went out to karaoke with every intention of getting a few songs in and coming home early. but i totally came home late, because i had to see jack sing "it's not unusual", because i knew it would be a consummate experience. it was totally worth it. too bad i did not have any undergarments to rend and toss at him.

i did "gypsies, tramps, and thieves", and butchered heart's "barracuda". cheetahmaster shared a tender moment with me when we sang "close your eyes forever" the classic by lita & ozzy. finally, and triumphantly, jack and i did a white trash duet of "pictures" (orig. kid rock and sheryl crow). i was a happy spaz all night. there were some uptight teenagers taking things too seriously (probably because they had incredible voices) but other than that the crowd was fun.

the master of cheetahs should have the full rundown of everyone's songs posted soon, i'm sure. if i can just get through the next 6 hours i promise to spend the rest of the weekend in my pajamas playing games, sleeping, and eating. ok maybe i'll also reply to emails and clean my room a little. and register to vote... and buy tires... goddamit nothing is ever simple anymore.

also, i'm totally needing people to chat with. hit me up on AIM. snidegrrl.
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