keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Oh, that again?

Rob Breszny knows what is in the back of my mind all the time today.

Let's do a check-in, Leo. In the first eight weeks of 2004, how well have you taken advantage of the stellar wealth-building opportunities? Have you been doing the inner work necessary to increase your value? Have you unleashed your imagination in a quest to heal and supercharge your relationship with money? Have you started to lay the groundwork for the livelihood you want to be doing by March 1, 2009? It's prime time to intensify your efforts in all these tasks. P.S. I suggest that you also cultivate relationships with collaborators who can help you attract resources you'll need for a long time.

Healing my relationship with money? Well I'm working on that slowly. Cultivating relationships with collaborators? Hello, thank you livejournal. Groundwork for the livelihood I want by 2009? What?! Huh?!! I wish I knew what I wanted to be doing in 2009. Every day it's something different. Psychiatrist. Lawyer. Social worker. He misses the mark on wealth: I do not consider myself a wealth-builder. I consider myself a comfort-accumulator. It's not exactly the same thing. It's probably not too far off from what we read about in Bobos in Paradise although I like to think myself above the materialism and excessive expense Brooks describes in his book. So, 2009... it's time I face you. At least I feel like there are a certain number of doors available to me, and that the only thing that will prevent me from opening them is me. (That's who has been doing it all this time, after all...)

I have to go to a class today unexpectedly. I am nigh unto ticked off at this fact.
Tags: astrology
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