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Christian rock band Sixpence None the Richer revealing their decision to break up in the pages of CCM magazine

HA HA! Good. Stop butchering my favorite song.

Weekend: saturday was unstopping. lil' m's first birthday was a success but i was so frazzled and in pain i couldn't really enjoy... and then when i went to leave my car key was broke. i made shrimps for booyeah's birthday but they were maybe underdone or something, too mushy. someone, and please clue me in here, made the most amazing effing potato soup EVAR. it kicked bootay. i had frazzled fun til midnight when i collapsed in a heap. i hate working on saturdays, have i mentioned? sunday was gonna be a trip to the black cat but ended up being me cleaning my room while jack got ML6. it was good i got alot of work out of the way to make ready for him to move in. i've never lived in an "our" space but i don't want it to be just "my" space where he happens to live.

Monday: therapy, curves, procrastinating on registering to vote and buying tires. i already talked about the chairs. a side note: why do lots of shops and restaurants close on mondays? it's the one day i can do alot of stuff. stupid consignment furniture gallery, i hate you for being closed on monday. then i did the guild meet and stayed up way too late in order to make 42. Tuesday: met up with tzel and co. for mardi gras drinks, then on to home for further beady celebration. examorata is very patient with me about some of my kitchen habits, i must say. i keep forgetting to clean the grill. jack is likely to be out of a job by may. possibly earlier. vexing.

Question: any of you smartypants out there know any good books about prison reform/punishment in america? i'm looking for something for the next book club already. middlesex is good so far.
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