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I had two vivid dreams last night... first that I was involved in a small cell of underground investigators/operatives doing some kind of roving spy thing... jasonbrust was the ringleader, and he had us holed up in a weird warehouse/antique store in a hidden room. I had a brand new baby, with bizarrojack, and I went to breastfeed him for the first time... I was scared and I expected it to really hurt, but when it happened I felt this mystical power of life coming out of my chest. There was another woman there, who I can't remember, who was being encouraging. The warehouse owners found us and tried to kick us out... and then I woke up at 3am having to pee. When I went back to sleep, I dreamed that my parents were taking me out to dinner, but their car was full, so they made me hitch a ride with a stranger in a beat up chevy. I thought the guy might try to rape me so I tried to get him to slow down so that I could jump out. I was really pissed at my parents so I walked home and went to bed... where they called me and told me I should walk to the restaurant. WTH??

Let's see... today has brought us some tentative good news in the form of Pudding Pops. That's right folks, I bitched about this a few years ago on livejournal (or gosh was it all the way back on diaryland?) and now there has been a confirmed Pudding Pop sighting. I am, to say the least, elated.

That meme that's going around where you list the first 10-20 things that come up on your random mp3 list? I say, put all your mp3s on random and then try to engage in some hanky-panky. Now that's entertainment. Especially for you Weird Al fans. Not that I am one. And not that anything like that ever happened to me. Anyways, try it! It's like adding "in bed" to the end of a fortune cookie.

Last night we had dinner at the India Gate. I'd call it the "new" Laurel indian place, only it's apparently been there for 3 months. I dub it just as good as Sapphire and Maurya. This morning I finished up the final pages of Guy Gavriel Kay's Song for Arbonne. I have a list of complaints about the subject matter a mile long, but I still had fun reading it. Escaping to a place where the good guys are good and the bad guys are bad helps, sometimes. Dunno what to read from now til the book club book arrives. I have hundreds of choices at home and I can't settle on a single one.

I can tell by your face
That you're looking to find a place
To settle your mind
And reveal who you are
And you shouldn't be shy
For I'm not gonna try
To hurt you or heal you or steal your star
Open your eyes
Get up off your chair
There's so much to do in the sunlight
Give up your secrets
Let down your hair
And sit with me here by the firelight
Why think all about
Who's gonna win out
We'll make up our story as we go along
There's so little time
For us to try to rhyme
And so many highways to travel upon
Open your eyes
Get up off your chair
There's so much to do in the sunlight
Give up your secrets and let down your hair
And sit with me here by the firelght

more info on the HEAD soundtrack...
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