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keep it dark

Curves report: Well, frankly, I think it's really awesome. The only thing vaguely annoying about it are some of the questions they are when you sign up, for example, "do you have a dress size goal?". To be clear, they ask this in a very non-threatening kind of way, and seem to back off if you say no, you just want to be more healthy. But that they tie things to dress size is kind of annoying in theory. Anyhoo, despite that the atmosphere is really welcoming and inclusive. Women of every shape and size and walk of life seem to be in there working out alongside each other. The machines are not complicated, and easy to learn how to use. The staff is friendly and while encouraging, not annoyingly perky. So, I'm in for a year. On in between days I can DDR or uh, be lazy.

Steady dribbles of work to do here, which is making me feel like I'm even vaguely pulling my weight. Today I made a philosophical decision: I will never let Computer Game dictate my schedule. Tonight I will grill a steak on the ol' Foreman and try to remember I'm not bitter about working on fridays and not being able to go to the club, I have been many times and will go again, Nation is not a priority for me, I don't want to spend the money, I can see people in other contexts, and going only encourages me to be vain and/or self-loathing anyways. And you know what? If I really wanted to go more than I wanted to sleep, I could make it happen. Another week.
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