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Sigh... I try to read some of my bajillion posts on my friends list from the weeend... and explorer is effing up. I would much, much rather be asleep. But I woke up over an hour ago with a pain in my chest and feeling crappy, no idea what it is, and crazed hypochondria has me still awake, for better or for worse... so if I missed something I desperately needed to comment on, I am not really going to go back... ugh.

I had a good weekend, really good. Collin, a friend of mine from all the way back... junior high, from then on... came up to Katsu, his wife contacted me beforehand so I got to meet up with them and their baby. It was awesome although Katsu is more of a giant herd of insanity than it ever was before. Jack and I went home and watched 28 Days Later. It was a little heavy, to say the least. I am sure I'm still being effected by it. Sunday we gamed. Alot. It was fun and I am grateful to Alex for letting us use his computer when he's not around. Monday woke up and got a whole bunch done - canceled my old gym membership, got a new Curves membership, found my vehicle registration which for some reason I had filed instead of leaving in the glove compartment, went to UPS and therapy. Then, book club! Which was very efficient. Oh and when I got home, I found the adjunct cat had shit on my bed again. Fan-tastic.

I feel so tired. I will probably stay home sick today. I just hate to do it.
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