keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

end of day accumulated notes

- friendster, tribe, orkut. when will all this joinery end? i am on all of these services. 'cause i'm a joiner.

- reasons i like oontzgrrl: just when i am feeling lost in a sea of girliness, she reminds me that girliness can be fun and i can be girly in my own special way without compromising my ethics.

- dan pointed this out to me and i am putting it up here because apparently comcast cablemodem is faster than [my employer]. so i want to remember to look at home.

- why are ZCarb bars cheaper to just buy at 7-11 than to buy in boxes online? pfeh. fyi, if i haven't mentioned already, these sucralose chocolate bars are the only ones i have tasted that are just really, really amazingly good. no maltitol, so you won't get the runs.
Tags: food, friends
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