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keep it dark

Does anyone else have the problem that when you are really, really angry, just burning with fire and righteous fury, ready to rip a new asshole into the person that has wronged you or your loved ones, and so filled with conviction and seriousness that you want to open your mouth and rain burning verbal sparks on someone searing their very flesh, you find that what actually happens is that you open your mouth, your voice cracks, and you burst into tears? Yeah, it sucks. It has not happened to me today, but I was just reflecting on past times it has happened. Once when I was ready to fire someone during a summer job in college. He laughed at me. It sucked. Oh CHEDS, how I do not remember you fondly. Except working with Becki, that was cool. I hope Becki is doing okay, I really need to write her back. That is one of two letters that need to go out, that one and one to my cousin.

Last night I went to Tea early so I could eat before it was time to go home. I got to bed on time and I am not tired today! And had a little chat with dj_ango about cruelty, the military, and tear gas training that was interesting. And someone asked about my book at the bar - why do people always ask me about what I'm reading when I loathe it?

In the feminist online discussion arena, I posted an answer on We Have Brains that was kind of half-assed and not well thought out. Turns out Victoria, another contributor, had a much better conceptualization of the scope of the question, and thus a better answer, so I'll just link to that.

I can't pretend to be something I am not, and I can't really pretend not to be something that I am.
Tags: anger, feminism
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