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uncharacteristic violence

Every time I have to deal with the MVA, I find out something new that is wrong that they didn't tell me. Like, for example, that my license is suspended because of a ticket in DC in 2002, which DC SIMPLY CANNOT seem to explain to MD that I HAVE PAID. I have GONE to dc to get a receipt, taken it by hand to MD, and they ASSURED ME that everything was fine a YEAR ago. So today I am feeling uncharacteristically willing to take an axe to someone. I cannot believe this shit. This also means I probably won't vote in the primaries because I put off registering to vote too long but now if I go into the MVA they will take my license away.

Saturday we celebrated traceracer's birthday which was tons of fun. I got to experience the PS2 game Karaoke Revolution, which was interesting - sort of weird to be forced to sing in such a specific calibrated way. I didn't really get to chat enough with everyone, time seemed to speed by. Sunday was filled with laziness, leveling, lunch at the green turtle, and late visits from friends. The turtle brought back crab toast. I'm glad we said something to them about it! That is all. I must now sort out this mess.
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