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Ahoy, Knitting Mavens

If anyone is into this kind of thing (whoring out your skills for a lazy non-knitter being the thing I refer to), I'd like to commission a piece. I would like very much to have a green winter hat like the one that Mike Nesmith wore around back when he was a Monkee. Shockingly, I have scoured the web (by scour I mean look at the first two pages of google searches such as "green knit hat monkees" and "monkees mike hat" for about 15 minutes) and have come up with nary a pattern. Nor is there a comparable hat on Ebay, just when I think that you should eschew Alice's Restaurant because the place you really can get anything you want is Ebay. Lies.

Here, here, here, and here are some pictures of knit hats that Mike wore. You can see that one of them had a little panel with buttons - which would be utterly fantastic. It will need to be long enough, however, to at least cover the tops of my ears (and really, hopefull most of my ears) thus actually staying on my head. Preferred yarn: cotton or cotton blend. Wool makes me itchy. I have no idea if hats are even feasible in cotton. I guess it has to be stretchy somehow?

Let me know if anyone, anyone at all out there thinks this would be a fun project and would accept cash and materials to do it.

[edit] I forgot to mention this sermon I found while seeking hat patterns. I was with him on Matthew 6:19 but after that things get a little uh, vehement for me.
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