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I went up to Baltimore last night, to the Creative Alliance @ the Patterson, to see a performance by several members of the Baltimore Composers Forum, a group I would not even know about had I not decided to find other people in Laurel on LJ well over a year ago. To wit, fabulist was one of the performers, and after all this time of avidly reading his journal, I finally got to meet the man. The show itself ran quite a breadth of musical experience, all of which I enjoyed, even the jazz which typically I can't get into. My Fairy Godmothers Smoke Too Much was awesome.

Anyways a cold sort of encyclopaedic description of my evening wouldn't really do it justice, I was so very excited to get out and see creative people, instrumentalists, composers at work. To meet new people and gosh, I don't know, I just couldn't stop smiling all evening. I think I said approximately two and a half really stupid things. It could have been worse, in that respect. So Joe, thank you so much for letting us know about the event, it was really wonderful to meet you, and I just don't know what else to say. I was thrilled also to meet martinsoba, guysterrules, marstokyo, and spleenless. Apparently I look taller in my icon than I actually am? I think it's because my head looks skinny.

When I got home, necrocannibal and msteleute were camped out getting ready to watch Soylent Green. We imparted information to them, and I was powerless in the face of Krispy Kreme, and then I had to get to bed because, well, work. Oh, how I hate saturday mornings at work. But at least today I feel energized, sort of ready to take on the world. I didn't think I needed castironskillet's advice yesterday, but I've been thinking about it since, and I did need it. It's helping alot.
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